Blackberry Setup


How do you setup a BlackBerry using Widomaker email?

Please note that Widomaker does not provide technical support for troubleshooting BlackBerry mail setup.

1. Use the BlackBerry Redirector

This is a special software program included on a CD included with BlackBerries, that you can install on your computer. You can run it on a home computer or office computer — just leave the computer on 24 hours a day. The software will watch for new emails arriving in Microsoft Outlook and then automatically forward a copy of these emails to your BlackBerry. (No BES needed, although some users have reported a BES Server Address Required during installation). But you must keep your computer running 24 hours a day to get copies of your email.

For more information, click here to visit BlackBerry’s Website

2. Use the BlackBerry email address

You can forward a copy of your Widomaker email to the provided blackberry email account via your webmail interface. For more information on this email address, please contact your BlackBerry phone provider.

3. Use Google Mobile Email

Visit Google Mobile for BlackBerry for more information on setting up your blackberry with Google Mobile and to setup an account.