Setting up to filter SPAM (Outlook Express & Windows Mail)

  How to Enable Spam Filters

It is relatively straightforward to set up Outlook Express or Windows Mail to automatically move certain emails to the Deleted Items folder, when, for example, you know what the subject line will contain.

For example, you can set up your mail client so that all emails the Email Protection service marks as *SPAM* are automatically moved to your Deleted Items folder. To do this, please work through the following steps:

1.Go into the Tools menu
2.Select Message Rules then Mail…
 If you have not created any rules previously, you will immediately see the New Mail Rule window
 If you have, you will first of all see the main Message Rules window
 To open the New Mail Rule window, click New…
3.In the first section of the New Mail Rule window, tick Where subject line contains specific words, then tick Move it to the specified folder.
 You should then see the following:
4.Click on Contains specific words.
5.Enter SPAM and click Add. You should then see the following:
6.Click OK
7.Click on Specified.
8.Highlight the Deleted Items folder and then click on OK (as below).
 If you do not want to move Spam to the Deleted Items folder, please select an alternative folder.
9.Click on OK and you should see the following:
10.Then click OK again.

The Message Rule has been created and all incomings emails with SPAM in the subject field will be moved to the Deleted Items or alternative folder, as specified.

If you have moved emails to the Deleted Items folder you will still have to take the final step of emptying Deleted Items yourself. However, this will give you the opportunity of recovering any genuine messages deleted accidentally.