What is Phishing


Phishing is the act of sending fake, misleading, or fraudulent messages in an attempt to trick recipients into providing personal information. This type of activity has been commonplace on the Internet for many years (since 1996). Avoid being the victim of Phishing e-mails. Exercise critical thinking when receiving any message asking for personal information. Learn more about Phishing by visiting these links from WikipediaMicrosoftNorman, and US-CERT.

Widomaker does not send out e-mail messages requesting personal account information including usernames and passwords.

Those who are interested in doing so can report Phishing e-mail messages using the free Spamcop.net spam reporting service.

An example Phishing e-mail message is below. This type of message would never be from the company the message claims to be from. This type of message should never be replied to. You should never click on any links or fill out any forms found in such a message…

From: Your ISP Customer Service
Subject: Your ISP !!! ( Verify Your Account now)
To: x

Dear Customer,

Due to a few problems experienced in our service network, you are expected to undergo an account holders re-validation process in order to sort out some problems that may be encountered in our email service to you.

This process is not going to take long and will be characterized by certain lapses in our email services to you.

The Your ISP network will require you to complete the account details below and select a test question and answer (to serve as security code that will be needed in logging in to your account service during the duration of this process).

Full Name:

Your ISP Account login:
Account Password:
*Test Question:
Enter the letter from the Security Image [input]

You will be sent a new confirmation alphanumerical password to that will only be valid during this period and can be changed after the process.

Thanks for your understanding.
Customer Service

Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his or her account before two weeks of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.